Sunday 13 November 2011

Enroaching Senility, (you mean you've only just noticed!)

Hi I'm back, and although I have had the week from hell, I have done a little swimming, but haven't yet managed to find the time to blog about it, so I'm playing a bit of catch up here.

Last Sunday we were given a really nasty set of 100's on a decreasing time interval and an increasing pace aargh! (Now that's novel isn't Sunday afternoon and I find myself swimming 100's.)

Queenie Reed and I were suffering through them, but such a lot has happened in the last week that all I can remember about them (apart from the excruciating agony) is that there were 18 repeats in the main set. I do however have a very vivid recollection of swearing at the coach (under the water) throughout the swim which gave me some mild distraction from the pain. You should try it sometimes it does help.

Anyway this painful but unremembered session took me 2933 metres nearer to my total for the year.

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