Monday 28 November 2011


Teenage triathlete has a sad association with technology, more specifically iPods which includes losing them (for just long enough to have them replaced,) and latterly shattering the screen in 2 places creating a definite dimple and some missing shards of glass which is currently covered by sellotape.

We finally get around to enquiring about a repair in the local Apple store, to be advised that we needed to make an appointment with "a Genius" but couldn't have one until Sunday, which meant flogging into the metro centre through the Christmas Shopping traffic for our appointment with "a Genius".

Being the devoted mother I am, I agree to this and we arrive for our meeting with the Genius who is a spotty faced, long haired individual called Sam and for some reason didn't strike me as someone who would live up to his title. His diagnosis was that the warranty didn't cover the abuse that teenage triathlete had inflicted upon it and it would cost £119 quid to repair.....  (and it took a separate appointment with a Genius to tell us this?) needless to say the sellotape make over can stay for a bit longer.

My efforts to resolve her problem went completely unappreciated as I was made the object of a status update on her Facebook page when she captured my being annihilated at "Lego Indiana Jones" by two seven year olds while we waited.

But back to today's reality a quick lunch time dip brought me within a smidgeon of 40,000 metres. It was all a bit rushed as I was pressed for time.

1200 metres free Warm Up
8 x 200 free @ 3.15  pull with paddles *
4 x 100 @ 2 mins 66 drill 33 swim
3200 metres total

* 1st 7 all between 2.55 and 2.57 last one 3.01

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