Tuesday 15 November 2011

A November PB

Spurred on by yesterday's lunch time foray, I juggled my schedule and yet again made it to the public session in Consett. You can see how I'm doing in the "My Stats" summary from my spread sheet.

Having covered 20,000 metres in November I am truly in uncharted territory, as I've commented before I usually stop after the Nationals, (apart from swimming in the inter counties).

The 3200 metres I covered today took my total to 84.5% of my goal in 87.4% of the time, and whilst I'm narrowing that gap the prospect of 78,000 metres before Christmas fills me with dread.

Today's swim was a matter of how quickly can I cover these metres so not much thought and variety but a pretty smooth session (assisted by doing it mainly pull!)

1000m warm up 33 free, 33 alternating breast and back
1000m pull breathing every 6 up the pool and every 4 down the pool
5 x 200 pull @ 3.40 breathing 6 up the pool and every 4 down the pool
200 swim down
3200 metres

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