Monday 14 November 2011

Desperate Times

Desperate times
With the half a million metre mark looking decidedly dodgy and the prospect of humiliation, ignomy and scorn looming large I decided I needed to take some drastic action: so I set off at lunch time for a session in Consett pool.

It was a bit of a Billy No Mates session, as I slid into the pool between the head up breaststrokers and the Big Splash loyalty card Klatch. Because It was only me I could do what I wanted, not surprising then it contained a fair bit of pull and a bit of drilling and no IMs.

I covered the 3k in less than an hour and got out feeling very virtuous, here's how I did it.

800 Warm up
4 x 400 free @ 6.50 pull breathing every 6 strokes (3 arm cycles) for the 1st 200 and every 4 strokes for the last 200.
400 free drill
200 swim down
3000 metres

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