Wednesday 16 November 2011

A Grimm Fairy Tale

I had a bit of a surreal experience this afternoon, and not just because for the third lunchtime in a row I went swimming and am clearly suffering from chlorine logging of the brain. On the return journey to work I stopped at a local petrol station to fill up, as I walked back to the car a woman sauntered past me, smiling and saying hello.

Not a particularly unusual event you may think, but there was something just not quite right about her, it wasn't until I drove away that the penny dropped and I realised she was wearing a full Snow White costume.

Now I'm not quite sure what's more worrying, a grown woman stalking the grounds of a Total petrol station in the middle of the afternoon dressed as a character from a Grimms fairy tale, or the fact that I didn't immediately recognise or register this rather strange anomoly.

I guess unlike the session below I couldn't make this up.

800 warm up change stroke every length
6 x 300* pull @ 5.30 1st 100 breathe 6's 2nd 100 breathe 4's 3rd 100 breathe 6's
4 x 100 catch up @ 1.55 swim down
3000 metres total

* swimming around 5 mins  for each 300

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