Saturday 19 May 2012

A strange Steve Jobs look, (sartorially speaking)

I had a very strange day at work on Friday; as most of you will be aware I am not noted for my sartorial elegance, and my usual attire (jeans, T shirts and hoodies) drives my ever so cool, sophisticated and a la mode daughter (aka as Teenage Triathlete) to disowning me.

I was interviewing for a new practice administrator so no clients and I thought whoopee! a dress down Friday; couldn't be too sloppy though, so donned, black jeans a black silk cowl neck top aspiring for the "Jobs" look (without the facial hair thank you, but it seemed  an especially appropriate look given my task for the day.) I hasten to add that it was not an Issey Miyake design and I paid nowhere near $175 for it either.

I stepped out of the shower to be met by, "oh you look nice" from TT, and it didn't stop there, my assistant at work commented "Oh wearing your Christmas Party clothes" and then our current practice manager weighed in. What was going on? I felt a bit paranoid and maybe I need to rethink my usual work wear..................

A  rather poor link coming up here but from business suits to rubber suits; the Open Water season has started, and although I haven't been brave enough to dip a toe or any other part of my anatomy in the rather chilly (11degrees or thereabouts) water; about 100 brave (and foolish) souls turned up at Woodhorn on Thursday evening for a spot of open water training.

Fairy Snow Baby and Marie Helene had both taken the plunge and survived with frost bitten toes and faces and scalded nether regions as they shook so violently trying to hold cups of tea afterwards. Despite this they gamely turned up for this morning's little paddle. The session was a Binge/FSB collaboration and we both deliberately ignored Matt the Cash's request for some kick!

8 x 75's @ 10s RI alt 25 back, 25 breast & 25 free
400 @ 6.45 pull with paddles
300 @ 5 mins pull with paddles
200 @ 3.20 pull with paddles
30 seconds rest
400 @ 6.45 swim
300 @ 5 mins swim
200 @ 3.20 swim
8 x 4 x 25 IM @ 2.05 drill half fly
6 x 100 @ 2.05 free swim 25, drill 50 10s RI max last 25
400 swim down
4200 metres

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