Saturday 12 May 2012

Hello Dino Il Bagnino (Cheesy Mascot and new Facebook friend)

So a month to go to the World Championships and Dino Il Bagnino pops up on Facebook. (Dino the lifeguard for the unlinguists amongst you).

The organising committee also began to release details of the entry. Over 8000 swimmers registered for the pool events and almost 2000 have signed up to do the open water.

So with the other aquatic disciplines there are over 10,000 competitors. 430 Brits amongst them. This is going to be a monster event. (even if it has the cheesiest mascot)

I reckon this'll present the Italians with a teensy weensy logistical challenge trying to cope with these sort of numbers and perhaps it explains why they haven't managed to respond to the frantic e-mail queries.

I'm predicting chaos and lunacy but it's going to be great fun, simply can't wait. I just need to do some training first.
To that end I made training this morning and it was back to sessions by committee. I moved into the guys lane again, and valiantly hung off the back, dodging Mark Hindhaugh Wanderoff! whose directional sensors during the backstroke bits were seriously all over the shop.

100 back, 100 breast, 100 free, 100 drill
16 x 50's @ 55
8 x 125's @ 2.20 50 pull, 25 kick, 50 swim
8 x 50's back @ 70 s recovery
3 x 100 no 1 stroke @ 3.30 no1 swim, no 2 broken 10s @ 50, no 3 broken 5s @ 25
6 x 50's medley changeover @ 65 s recovery
3200 metres

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