Thursday 31 May 2012

Normal(?) Service Will Resume Shortly

Hi there remember me, I haven't quite given up swimming but we've had a catastrophic broadband failure at home.

You don't realise how dependant you are on the Internet do you? It's nearly as bad as being without the leckie.

Anyway I'm currently esconsed in a trendy restaurant on the Quayside as Billy no mates. It's very pleasant and I'm really enjoying the background Harry Connick Jnr but I probably should have checked out the arrangements and venue before departing.

Sort of sums up my day really when the highlight was collecting a parking ticket at that unfortunately named "Civil and Family Justice Centre"
Aah company!

Never tried blogging from my phone before. An update on the yardage challenge and my first open water swim of the season to follow over the weekend.


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