Saturday 5 May 2012

Road Trip 2012 Day 2, Sheffield

Day 2 of the British Gas British Masters Championships, a 400 free to look forward to after yesterdays "dissaaaster darling" in the 1500, I can report it didn't get any better in the quarter mile. But things looked up a bit this afternoon in the 200m breast and free which were better than I've swum for the last 3 years or so.

Aunty Nic shares the spotlight with Toby
Max & Zoe
I had a great chat with Eddie Riach about his 1500, we were discussing the mental approach to the event which always starts off the programme, We both thought you sort of have this mental dilemma, that if you really go for it, you're going to compromise your whole weekend and perhaps more to the point..... it'll hurt like hell. So you back off a bit and once you do that you;re knackered anyway.

The event is great though, the entry is about half the ASA National's in Sheffield and it's pretty laid back, I enjoyed presenting medals to the record breakers including Nic Latty who was joined on the podium by her very proud nephews and niece.

A mere 50 breaststroke tomorrow morning followed by an 800 free to round the weekend off (and finish me off) although I'll be pleased that I no longer have to stick handfuls of surplus flesh into my Diana kneeskin or roll the extremely tight top part of the suit simultaneously over bum, hips and stomach, it's not a pretty sight trust me!

700 warm up
400 free 5:42.57
700 warm up
200 Breast  3:17.02
200 swim down
200 Free  2.39.83
200 swim down
2600 metres

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