Sunday 6 May 2012

Road Trip 2012 Day 3, Harsh Decision?

Grrrrrrr, spit, fume, swear, gnashin, rashin fashin rick rastardly!

My best 50m breaststroke for about 7 years and then bugger if they don't disqualify me for a flyer. Video evidence attached here (careful it's ugly!)

A dreaded DQ darn, blast, bother (well actually I wasn't anywhere near that polite), not that I could've controlled it mind, I just twitched completely involuntarily;

All of that after a weekend of pretty mediocre/downright disastrous freestyle swims, it provided a mere 5 seconds of satisfaction as I came second in my heat (behind a 25 year old) looked up smiled at the time and was then plunged into despairing and swearing as the scoreboard confirmed the result and my eradication from the event.

Nice exchange of words with the referee though who was surprisingly unsympathetic. But did give me a whole new character for my blog........enter Evil Mutant Swim Ref 1.0. (sour grapes?) There were some interesting officiating decisions, including the roundly booing of the disqualification of all of the swimmers in the first heat of the 400IM.

Great weekend of swimming and chatting at everyone's favourite venue, and some top swimming (although not particularly from me) to nicely warm up for the World's in 5 weeks time. OK rant over normal service may resume in the future.

700 warm up
50 breast 39.43
800 free 11.55.87
650 swim down
2200 metres

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