Sunday 22 June 2014

Road Trip Day 3 British Champs Swansea

Having stayed awake for about 80% of the England match and then been woken up at 1:18am by the Duty Solicitor Service to advise me they had a case in Durham for me I decided that I would run the risk of the car park lottery and sleep in.

It must've been my lucky day as I still managed to snag a parking spot at about 9:30. First up was the 100 breaststroke followed rather quickly by the 800 free. I hadn't really any idea what time I was going to swim for this, so was fairly pleased with the 12:08 and it was a fairly controlled and comfortable swim (I know that it's a pants time really but it's a starting point.)

It was a long weekend with some long sessions, although I've decided Swansea is my favourite 50m pool (after Sheffield).

I  arrived home around 11:15pm feeling better than if I'd driven the whole way, I had some time to reflect on my performances, and it seems pretty clear to me that my recent spate of binge swimming is going to be wholly inadequate to enable me to be competitive in Montreal. The phrase "too little too late" springs to mind. It's fun trying though.

500 warm up
100brst 1:34.17
500 swim down
800 free  12.08.
200 swim down
2100 metres total

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