Wednesday 13 March 2013

Girls on Tour day 7 (BInge takes Girls On Tour Title)

I have of course spent the whole of this boot camp (special thanks have to go to Judith’s divorce blog for such an apposite description of what I had previously thought of as a holiday) hanging off the back of Joolz and Noolz, (who are even more seriously competitive than me).

I therefore chose our last evening, (when it was too late for them to do anything about it,) to hit them with the earth shattering news that I had actually done 56 minutes more swimming then both of them HA!

I had spent a good 600 metres of this evening’s session calculating this on the basis that they had swum every 50m at the very least 4 seconds faster than me and then very kindly (don’t believe it was out of the goodness of their hearts they were just after more rest) waiting for me to finish before they started the next repeat.

So Binge wins the Lanzarote challenge! the elation of this victory was so great I even forgot to buy a Magnum as I walked past the supermercado! Drat

Now this may seem a little unfair because I’d just made the challenge up and it was clearly playing to my strengths basing it upon how long we spent in the water actually swimming. I mean anything to do with speed or efficiency (i.e proper swimming aims) both of which the dynamic duo possess in spades just wouldn’t be fair on me would it?

Last session tomorrow morning....sadly

200 free easy
2 x 50 back
200 easy
2 x 50 breast
200 easy
2 x 50 fly drill
200 easy
Main set
400 pull with paddles
2 x 200 IM
4 x 100 50 swim, 25 drill, 25 kick
8 x 50’s IM order
4 x 100
2 x 200
400 pull with paddles
300 free swim down
400 free warm up
3 x 200 swim 50, drill 50, kick 50 swim 50 @ 4:00
8 x 50’s @ 75s mixed drills and strokes
8 x 50’s free sprint 1st 25 of every 4th length
200 pull steady
8 x 50’s breast sprint 1st 25 of every 4th length
200 pull steady
8 x 50’s free sprint 1st 25 of every 4th length
200 pull steady

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