Sunday 10 March 2013

Girls On Tour Day 4 A bit of lane rage?

It's all somewhat predictably getting a bit much we've been reduced to a shadow of our former selves as you can see.

For the third day in a row we've done two sessions, more or less sticking to Evil Mutant Swim Coach 4.0's plan and covered over 7k which is a lot for me.

This evening was a breaststroke session which we were forced to curtail as we were sharing our lane with two triathletes and initially a woman who was running up and down the pool vertically.

She clearly doesn't get it does she it's called a swimming pool! In fact she wasn't the problem because she disappeared after we'd lapped her twice in the first 200.

What is it about Triathletes and swimming, they have no lane discipline and can't work out when other swimmers are likely to push off to start a repeat.

Joolz and Noolz took to ploughing over them, I quite enjoyed sitting on the feet of one of them, I was doing breaststroke kick and he was doing front crawl, and got an immense amount of satisfaction holding my kick board over his ankles.

I had to have a power nap this afternoon, much to Noolz's amusement as she took some very unflattering photos, and when she snuck up to take some more I screamed and jumped out of bed. It was extremely effective in giving her a heart attack..... tee hee hee hee (Muttley snigger)

300 free easy pace @ 20s RI
2 x 50’s bk steady @ 10 s RI
200 free easy pace @ 20 s RI
4 x 50 2 x bk, 2 x br @ 10s RI
100 free easy pace @ 20s RI
6 x 50 2 x bk, 2 x br 2 x fly @ 10s RI
Main Set
400 pull paddles
2 x 200 (drill 50m IM 150 free easy)
4 x 100 @ 1:45 pull with paddles
8 x 50 @ 65 25 medley fast 25 free steady
4 x 100 @ 1:45 pull with paddles
2 x 200 (drill 50m IM 150 free easy)
400 pull paddles
20 x 50's @ 70 25 brst kick 25 free, 25 brst swim 25 kick
5000 metres 
200 easy free
4 x 50's 25 brst kick 25 free swim
200 easy free
2 x 100's 25 kick, 25 drill brst 50 free
200 easy free
8 x 50's @ 65 s free 25 fast, 25 easy 25 easy, 25 fast   
4 x 100 @ 2 :10 alternate 25 brst fast 75 free easy, 50 brst fast 50 freeeasy
8 x 50's kick I lost it here
4 x 50's brst pull with paddles
200 swim down (we were kicked out)
2600 session
7600 daily total

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