Saturday 9 March 2013

Girls on Tour Day 3.... Alien Encounter

So some people have no staying power, as I was abandoned in the Sports Bar last night by the dynamic duo who begged off claiming they were knackered, admittedly whilst I finished off yesterday’s blog and caught up on some work (Binge the saddo).

Ok I’m about to take you on a journey to the twilight zone because the Lanzarote temporal anomaly descended on apartment 246B this morning; not satisfied with deserting me in the bar last night Joolz decided that we should all get up an hour early!!!!!

The alarm on her phone went off (allegedly) at 8am and as I struggled to consciousness, she just happened to mention it was 8 o clock and offered to make coffee.

Now I know for sure that I am not a morning person and at the back of my mind there was a thought trying to surface, that it was a bit dark outside but you’ll appreciate that my synapses weren’t properly firing on all cylinders. No problem for Noolz who soon put her right as she started crashing around in the kitchen that it was only 7 o clock!

There seems to be a limited number of logical explanations for this firstly there is a temporal distortion in our apartment, or secondly she was abducted by aliens in the night who reset her phone. (Come to think of it an alien implant would explain why she swims so bloody fast) of course she could have done it all deliberately to satisfy her more sadistic tendencies.  (She obviously has a great future as a coach should she want a change of career)

Another day in paradise.

400 Easy
100 brst kick
300 Easy
100 IM steady
100 IM Kick
1 x 200 IM steady
2 x 200 Free @ 3:45 holding 3:10s
4 x 50 fly (drill) @ 10s RI
1 x 200 IM Steady
2 x 200 Free @ 3:45 holding 3:10s
4 x 50 back @ 10s RI (becoming intimately acquainted with the lane rope)
1 x 200 IM steady
2 x 200 Free @ 3:45 holding 3:10s
4 x 50 brst @ 10s RI
1 x 200 IM steady
2 x 200 Free @ 3:45 holding 3:10s
4 x 50 free @ 10s RI
4500 metres total
300 free easy pace @ 20s RI
2 x 50’s bk steady @ 10 s RI
200 free easy pace @ 20 s RI
4 x 50 2 x bk, 2 x br @ 10s RI
100 free easy pace @ 20s RI
6 x 50 2 x bk, 2 x br 2 x fly @ 10s RI
Main Set
400 steady pace @ 30s RI
4 x 100 25 sprint IM 75 easy free @ 30 s RI
4 x 50 IM order sprint  @ 1:30s
2 x 200 IM kick 25, swim 25 @ drill 25 swim 25
100 swim down
2700 metres
Daily total 7,200 metres

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