Friday 8 March 2013

Girls on Tour Day 2 (Oh No not Evil Mutant Swim Coach 4.0)

Swimming started with a vengeance today and as feared I was seriously outclassed by Jools and Nools, the latter has a definite animal streak in her. 

I quickly decided that my role this week is a philanthropic one, my function here is to make sure that they both get a decent amount of rest (waiting for me) and don’t seriously over do it.

Now this approach means that I am swimming a radically different session to these two. We ploughed through the session and the excessive distance was offset by swimming outdoors in the sunshine it was fantastic. 

It makes a world of difference swimming with the sun on your shoulders, and then dropping into the supermarket for breakfast supplies on the way back to the apartment, brunch being freshly baked croissants and cake….

The rest of the day was simply collapse on a sunbed around the leisure pool. You can tell that the place is full of triathletes because there was no one around the leisure pool (they’re all off doing zillion mile bike rides) which meant we had our pick of the 500 or so sun beds. Nools and Jools clearly had too many Weetabix for breakfast as they went off to endure  a pilates class. It seemed too much like hard work for me so I stuck with my Michael Connolly novel and the sun bed till it was time to hit the water again

Not sure I’m into this two sessions a day lark and I think that my new coach is trying to kill me off, there was a minor rebellion this evening as we all thought that we'd had enough and we passed on two thirds of the last set of the day but…..enter Evil Mutant Swim Coach 4.0

Warm Up
5x 200 @20 s RI
200 easy swim
200 build to 85%
200 swim 50 drill 50
200 build to 90%
200 swim 50 kick 50
Main Set
200 @ 3:45 steady
4 x 50’s free drill @ 65s
200 @ 3:45 steady
4 x 50’s swim with paddles @ 65s
200 @ 4:30 brst steady
4 x 50’s kick  @ 10 s RI
200 @ 3:45
4 x 50’s pull with paddles @ 65s
200 @ 3:45 steady
4 x 50’s breast kick @ 10s RI
200 @ 3:45 steady
4 x 50’s swim with paddles @ 65s
200 @ 4:45 brst steady
4 x 50’s free drill @ 65s
200 free steady
8 x 50’s  free @  70 progressive 1-4 & 5_8
300 swim down
4700 metres

200 free easy @ 20s RI
4 x 50 progressive to 90% @ 20s RI
300 free @ 20 s RI
6 x 50 progressive to 100%
8 x 50’s @ 25 fast kick 25 fast swim
300 free @ steady pace* 
2 x 150 @ 30s RI*
4 x 50’s free @ 10s RI*
100 swim down
2300 metres

* this should have been a set of three

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