Thursday 7 March 2013

Girls on Tour Day 1

Very surprisingly given the trials and tribulations of our last journey together see here everything went to plan and I successfully rendezvoued ( is that a real word?) with Jools at Newcastle airport.

We even managed to sweet talk a Jet2 employee to let us have seats on the flight next to each other (necessary cos I’d completely buggered up my online booking) without paying £5.99 each for the privilege.

Even more miraculously we arrived at Arrecife airport to find Nools at Belt 2 in the baggage reclaim. How’s that for organization and after a short(ish) taxi ride, (we did enquire about a ride on the Club La Santa bus but we were told they were waiting for 86 cyclists and their bikes) we were deposited in paradise… our home for the week.

Now I know that this concrete modernist apartment complex at first blush doesn’t seem like paradise, but I just love it, sunshine, outdoor swimming, detouring on the way home for an almond magnum, wind surfing, no telly completely chilled out not to mention Corona and Ham flavoured Ruffles what more could a girl want?.

Unpack, check out how busy the pool is for the week; very. (we’ll be fighting it out with Richard Hobson’s Triathletes and the Serpentine Swimmers !) hit the pool bar Pizza and Coke (could this morph into a foodie blog) supermarket, and finally catch a dip.

The swim was glorious as the light was fading and the sun was setting over the lagoon end of the pool, spectacular sky and soft warm coloured clouds made for a very atmospheric dip.  (Well it beats having your hairy legs ogled at in Consett Pool)

400 warm up alternate
16 x 50’s 25 kick, 25 drill, 25 drill, 25 swim
100 swim

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  1. Good to hear that you guys had a Flight that didn't loose your baggage between the 'on' belt at NCL and your Destination. Unlike some people. :(