Saturday 23 March 2013

Binge sells out to commercialism (there's no such thing as a free suit)

It's taken me a good 10 days to find my way to the pool after my week chasing Joolz and Noolz. 

I arrived home to find a pack of freebies courtesy of Speedo, an endurance plus suit, a pair of goggles and  swim cap. I have to take the Speedo keep going swim after swim challenge 20 swims in 30 days and then evaluate the suit.

I felt a bit guilty that it's taken me a week to start the challenge but the water test began today so hopefully it'll provide a bit of motivation to keep going.

How's your weather, unusually we've escaped the worst of the snow but it was bl**dy freezing and the wind was blowing a hoolie. Bob and arrived a couple of minutes early (shock horror) and walked to the entrance where the receptionist refused to open the doors leaving us freezing on the pavement.

Needless to say we beat a hasty retreat to the warmth of the car (well it is hot magenta!) see here for explanation! I couldn't quite summons up a response to her cheerful good morning and wide smile when we walked in 3 minutes later....Fume spit some customer service training needed me thinks.

Matt the Cash was into quality again but sadly I wasn't and simply ploughed through his set. The 100's breaststroke.

700 warm up change stroke each length
8 x 25 @ 35 progressive 1-4 & 5-8
4 x 100 @ 2 mins fast
4 x 75 @ 2 mins faster
6 x 50 @ 90 secs sprint
100 swim down
6 x 75's kick @ 90s
4 x 100 breast @ 2:10
150 swim down
3000 metres

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