Tuesday 12 March 2013

Girls on Tour Day 6... Are Triathletes Aliens?

Day 6 and things are going down hill fast, maybe I should have had something a bit more nutritious before this afternoon’s session than an ice cream (stracciatelli for the ice cream aficionados amongst you), a drink of water and some crisps. 

After most of the day spent sitting on a sunbed I now have some quite tender and very hot pink bits.

This morning’s session was fairly uneventful but this afternoon the world and his wife turned up for a swim as we hit the pool. 

Why do they all have to have horrible strokes and wetsuits and bin-lid paddles! and bl**dy hell will someone teach them to tumble turn! 

In fact instead of the latest Garmin on their wrists will someone invent a bloody gyroscope to make them swim straight.

We spent about 30 minutes weighing up the quality of the “athletes” in the 2 unallocated lanes, which included at least two people running up and down in water, what is the point of that!

We decided that some of the strokes were so dodgy that it would be an elf and safety matter if we got in with them so we spent a further 20 minutes sitting on the side. Joolz obviously was anxious to atone for dipping out of yesterday’s quality set and started the warm up swimming 25 meter reps at the far end of lane 8.

I had clearly lost the will to live as can be deduced from my comments below so I struggled out of the pool and into the supermercado to console myself with yet another Almond Magnum

8 x 50’s free 25 swim, 25 drill @ 10s RI
4 x 100 free 25 drill, 50 swim 25 kick @ 20s RI
8 x 50’s swim prog 1-4 and 5-8 @ 20s RI
200 free steady @ 3:45
200 free 25 hard 175 steady @ 3:45
200 free 50 hard 150 steady @ 3:45
200 free 75 hard 125 steady @ 3:45
200 free 100 hard 100 steady @ 3:45
200 free 125 hard 75 steady @ 4:00
200 free 150 hard 50 steady @ 4:00
200 free 175 hard 25 steady @ 4:00
200 free hard @ 4:00
8 x 100 IM’s (25 fast IM order cycle through the strokes) @ 2:15
200 swim down
4000 metres
Pre warm up mutter and bitch at the stupid triathletes with the audacity to try and swim in our lane. It’s a swimming pool for gods sake, 
3 x 200 as
Easy Swim
Drill 4 x 50’s
Easy Swim
4 x 50 brs drill @10s RI
4 x 50 brs kick @ 10s RI
2 x 100 pull with paddles @ 1:50
400 free pull with paddles
4 x 50 brs drill @ 10s RI
4 x 50 brs kick @ 10s RI
2 x 100 free pull with paddles
400 free pull * despite having to rescue the session
4 x 50’s lost the will to live and can’t remember what this was
2,800 metres

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  1. you are making me chuckle Verity it seems the will is slipping a bit but good to see the magnum's are still being deoured!!