Sunday 29 January 2012

Captain's log goes green, as it records 49,900 metres for January

Thanks to Judith Middleton of @JudithsDivorce (despite the missing apostrophe) for this link from a tweet and the theme for this afternoon's blog.

On showing the tweeted video clip to Bob he became more animated about  DIY then I have ever known him and thought the idea of a Holo deck in the lounge was just the best and that we should "make it so". (Well what should I have expected from someone who has the description "Trekkie, Triathlete and Techno geek" engraved on his iPod. I suppose "it's life Jim but not as we know it").

I needed to swim and add some metres to my very own (captain')s log today, and on the basis that resistance is futile, I gave in to the urge to swim and made it to Consett's session where I was rewarded with not 1 but 2 Evil Mutant Swim Coaches.

Martin Cook was back from a trip to South Africa sporting a broken wrist (an incident with a dumbbell) and then proceeded to take it out on us with the following set.

466 freestyle warm up
8 x 33s @ 40s free
266 as 100 free 33 non free x 2
200 free steady @ 3.30
6 x 33 @ 35s
200 free recovery
200 free steady @ 3.30
3 x 66 @ 65s
200 free recovery
200 free steady @ 3.30
2 x 100 @ 95 s* (no rest, "you canna change the laws of physics")
200 free recovery
200 pull swim down
3000 metres

Live long and prosper!

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