Sunday 8 January 2012

Revolting Swimmers?

First session back at Consett today and as usual Evil Mutant Swim Coach 2.0 was trying to crank up the pressure.

The first set after the warm up was basically 5 or 6 lengths continuous swim and then a bit of a break. Now we had all worked this out in advance and adapted accordingly. Having said that the first repeat of the first three sets was way too fast!

There was however an interesting air of revolt amongst the swimmers, who fresh (or perhaps not so fresh) from their Christmas break were adamant that they were going to call the shots. Revolting swimmers are not an usual phenomenon particularly after a Saturday night beer and curry ( see here,) but there was a frisson of dissent detectable today.

I found myself sandwiched between Clarkie and Sparkie who were in excellent form and came up with some great crack about swim coaches. This included at one point suggesting we get the coach talking so he missed the send off time, (we audibly cheered as EMST 2.0's explanation continued whilst the red hand ticked past the 60 giving us an extra 30 seconds rest) and as Sparkie suggested that we were running out of time to complete the swim down he came out with the immortal aside " we have to let him believe that he's in charge"

And apologies guys I missed 200 out somewhere along the line it was 2600 not 2400, (still no where near the 4000 it felt like mind you).

400 warm up mixed strokes
12 x 33 4 @ 30secs, 4 @ 40 secs, 4 @ 50 secs *
6 x 66   2 @ 60secs, 2 @ 75 secs, 2 @ 90 secs*
6 x 100 2 @ 1.45, 2 @ 2.00 2 @ 2.15
8 x 33 breast kick 4 @ 50 secs,  4 @ 60 s
4 x 66's catch up  2 @ 75 secs, 2 @ 80 s
2 x 133s swim down
2600 metres

* the first set of all of these were continuous swims....

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