Saturday 14 January 2012

Flat Saturday

If morning training wasn't bad enough; our session got bumped from Dunstan to Gateshead Leisure Centre, because of a kid's gala. The drawback was it started at 7am, an hour earlier than normal.

Nevertheless, still full of enthusiasm (just a slight exaggeration) I rolled out of bed and into a freezing cold morning (-4 degrees) and 10 minutes down the road, the 2012 Bingemotor jinx struck as the car developed a flat tyre.

Surprisingly I huddled in the car while Bob gallantly fought with the replacement. The catastrophe meant we were about half an hour late for the session but as there were only 3 swimmers in the pool we had a lane each and I bashed through a fairly unimaginative set, but covered 3.4k in less than an hour

600 Warm Up 200 mixed, 200 drill, 200 swim
2 x 800 pull with paddles @ 13 mins 1st 100 breathing every 6 strokes
2 x 400 pull with paddles @ 6.45 1st 100 breathing every 6 strokes
2 x 200 @ 3.30 1st 200 pull 1st 100 breathing every 6 strokes 2nd 200 swim down
3400 metres

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