Saturday 21 January 2012

T 30 Challenge, (where were you you wimps!)

5 of us including a new guy Vi, undertook the T 30 Challenge this morning a bit of a brutal start to your masters career when your first session is a 30 minute all out time trial.

Where were you Matt the Cash and Awesome Emma?  you wimps! We were assisted in recording by Synchro Dad who is currently suffering with a bad back but turned up to help record.

I ended up swimming side by side with the Fairy Snow Baby which was an interesting experience, as I was fair buffeted by his wash each time we passed. It was impossible to judge how I was doing, the pace clock is rubbish, and my steamed up goggles made any attempt to sneak a glance at the clock impossible.

I was heartened by the fact that it took almost 500 metres before the FSB lapped me, last year he swam 300 metres more than me so I figured this was an improvement, I was aiming for 2000 metres and simply set out for a straight 2K swim, eventually finishing with 2055 metres, or 2057 to be precise.

200 warm up
2100 swim (2055 in 30 minutes)
100 swim down
2400 metres

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