Friday 6 January 2012

Return of the Frogs

I think 2012 is shaping up to be the year of the Frog: as my mad client who was the subject of  this post and who I'd risked life and limb (and my sanity and patience) to bail out on Boxing Day managed to get herself arrested again on New Years Eve (a Duty Solicitor snafu meant she was directed to a similar sounding firm as mine and I wasn't notified this time) and consequently she ended up remanded.

This really gets my goat (can you see that there's a zoological theme going on here) as she is ill and needs to be in a caring facility and not incarcerated as a criminal. The criminal justice system is harsh and brutal and she shouldn't be part of it, it's simply wrong and uncivilised. Rant over.

So from a box of frogs to the new improved 2012 February Fitness Frog who appeared with the entry information on the Tulatin Hills Barracudas Masters Web Site this week see (take me to Oregon). In a strange sort of way I'm really looking forward to putting my focus on swimming for the month and taking part again and I think you should all join me and use the month of February to get the yards in. The T shirt looks pretty good as well.

Not wanting to start this cold and mindful of the mile a day challenge I walked!!!! (long story my car conked out yesterday morning and I had to abandon it outside a remote County Durham village) to the pool over lunchtime.

5 x 200@s continuous odd lengths free, even lengths alternate drill, back, breast
5 x 400 pull with paddles @ 6.45's swimming around 6.10's
200 mixed swim down
3200 metres

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