Saturday 21 January 2012

Not so Grumpy Judge!

Friday Swimming was proving increasingly
problematic for Binge
Busy week at work again, (our senior partner has taken himself off to Australia for a month) so it was Friday lunchtime before I made the pool.

A bit of a bonus session which I wasn't expecting, as I was forced to stand in for Counsel at a hearing in front of the same grumpy judge I had encountered towards the end of last year. I was anticipating a long and gruelling and seriously unpleasant morning.

Despite my client not being prepared to "fess up" for him in the way that he had hoped, (after he found that my girl had "lied" comprehensively in a four day trial before Christmas, imagine that!), I survived unscathed and even managed a civil exchange with him.

The other bonus is we finished the case off without the need to return for two more days of battle this week. So taking advantage of the window of opportunity I dropped into Consett and fought my way through the crowded (between 14 and 20 breaststrokers) lanes for a short 2.6K.

1000 warm up as 200 free, 200 catch up
400 pull @ 6.45
2 x 200 pull @ 3.30
4 x100 pull with paddles @ 1.45
6 x 66 @ 75s
2600 m


  1. Oh dear, doesn't sound as though your recent experiences in court have been any more collaborative than mine - let the battle commence and all! Haven't found swimming to be the therapeutic remedy you describe; tried it but met the Judge and opposing Counsel in the pool- can you imagine?

  2. Not at all I think that's a pretty scary scenario Judith, without wanting to sound too full of myself although I reckon if it happened to me I could probably get my own back in the pool!