Thursday 19 May 2011

An Uninspiring Thursday

Ultimately there's something more than faintly comic about swathing yourself in skin tight rubber and jumping into 14 degree water, it certainly doesn't make for flattering photos.

So serious training for the British Championships next month, well ok not particularly serious as I couldn't quite motivate myself to make training on time
no excuses today just simply late for the session, although not quite as late as last week.

You can tell from the warm up (I missed the first half) that it was a Matt the cash session as he loves swimming the 100's free, back and IM.

By extending my swim down while the staff were removing the lane ropes and with a bit of ducking and diving  (mostly under the untethered wave erasers) I covered an almost respectable French Riviera session (le touquet)

A more unremarkable than usual print out.

6 x 100 as 100 free @ 1.40, 100 back @ 2 mins 100 IM @ 2 mins
18 x 50s @ 65 secs medley changeover
8 x 25 @ 45s sprint 1st 12.5 metres on odd lengths, last 12.5 metres on even lengths.
300 pull swim down
2000 metres

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