Saturday 28 May 2011

Thursday:a gentle paddle and a ferocious traffic jam

Nothing of note really ( but it fills a bit of space)

I made a smart get away from Manchester, on Thursday afternoon (after paying nearly 50 quid to spring my car from the car park it had been abandoned in on Tuesday). Having hit the road at 4.55pm and worked out how to cheat the traffic at the end of the M602? as it merges with the M62 (basically whizz up the outside lane and cut in and cut someone up as the turn off approaches) I was harbouring hopes that I might make the Gateshead Masters session for 7.30 pm.

No chance, an accident on the M62 put paid to that, so I had to be content with the fairly gentle paddle I'd had at the MAC on Thursday morning when I never really got out of 3rd gear as the above toosmartwatch print out shows. Still I was quite pleased with the 8500 metres I've covered whilst I was in Manchester.

800 Warm up
600 pull
400 pull
200 pull
5 x 200 pull @ 3.40
100 swim down
3100 metres

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