Friday 13 May 2011

Masters Mayhem!

I have mentioned before that I live my life in a total state of chaos stumbling from one crisis to the next. Well clearly I am not alone even in the small cross section of people within my Masters squad, as Awesome Emma confessed this evening that she had inadvertently repeated my mistake of turning up at Dunston pool for a Thursday night session rather than Gateshead Leisure Centre.

I couldn't be smug though because as you can see from my rubbish session total, I'm about to inflict another tale of incompetence and woeful organisational skills upon readers of this blog. It all started with the brakes failing on Teenage Daughter's piano teacher's car (don't worry he's fine) leading to the cancellation of her lesson and a subsequent decision to come swimming with me.

Urging her to hurry up and get herself ready at 7.20pm she eventually saunters out of the house at 7.40pm, we set off, now 10 mins late, only to discover that "they" (a generic term which applies to any semblance of an authoritative body which conspires to cause me grief) were digging up the main road between home and the pool and I ended up in a mini localised traffic jam fuming as the minutes passed by and I saw my swim time diminishing.

We arrived at the pool and I dived in and followed Bart the Shark who was basking in Lane 2 behind Babyface Ciaran. I didn't even register the repeat times for the 100's and I was saving myself for the big set after the 50's build when the Fairy Snow Baby asked me "What time did you think that this session started Binge" "8 till 9 right" to the derision of my other swim mates! absolutely 100% WRONG!!!! 7.30 - 8.30 so it was swim down and get out;

Only to spend 10 minutes in the pool foyer discussing where training was tomorrow (Friday). The upshot? was that no one knew (god how bright are we?) and we were all advised to check the club website! Ah well taper for Sunday...

6 x 100 alternate 100 free @ 1.40 100 back @ 2.00*
4 x 50 build @ 70 seconds
200 swim down

* not even sure what this repeat was on just dived in and started swimming!

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  1. You are funny. Life would be so dull without your chaos :)

    Love from Ann Onymouse.