Tuesday 24 May 2011

The Continuing Manchester Chronicles

So back in Manchester for a further three days of somewhat tortuous and comfort zone evicting Mediation training....

On my visit last month I accidentally stumbled across a really neat place to stay, the Atrium which is an apartment hotel. It was selected by me on that occasion (as I reported in "The Streets of Manchester are paved with 20 quid notes") because of it's location between the Manchester Aquatic Centre and the hotel this course is based in. But it's a great place to stay and may become my hotel of choice the next time the British Masters make it here. One further benefit from the last visit is that I'm in a different block this time so I don't have to endure the delights of the fart obscuring lift (see above post).

The benefits of being away on your own for three days is no work, no family and you can do whatever you want. So, why am I getting up earlier than I need to, to go for a swim, rather than staying out late to sample the varied night life of the metropolis? Probably because I'm such a saddo and also rapidly turning into a grumpy old woman.

An incident free visit to the Aquatic Centre this morning, a fairly quiet lane and only one dodgy moment when I was overtaking a bloke with a very wide breaststroke kick and almost clattered a guy coming the other way. Fortunately he was extremely magnanimous when I profusely apologised to him when we had both stopped some 300 metres later on. Anyway a really pleasant 45 minutes and some 2500 metres (or at least I think it was cos I forgot to bring my toosmartwatch downloader so I haven't been able to check my print out.)

1000 warm up
12 x 50's @ 60 drill
4 x 200's pull @ 3.30s
100 free
2500 m

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