Saturday 14 May 2011

"Do or not do....there is no try"

I have this theory that when faced with an entry form for a swim meet the reasoning part of my brain goes AWOL and is completely overwhelmed by the part of my brain which comes up with such random thoughts as "1500m freestyle that'll be fun!" when, it should be at its most active screaming "no you silly cow it'll be anything but!" closely followed by  "particularly in a 50m pool."

I wonder if meet promoters are able to infuse their entry packs with subliminal old Jedi mind tricks? Because, I cannot even begin to explain why I entered the 1500m at the British Masters, and the 400m free which is not only in the same session as my 100 breast but is before it, and 3 other events which left my £48.50 poorer.

Every time I think about it, I can hear Yoda in the background cackling "stupid you are"

John Charles Pool, Leeds likely scene of an excruciatingly painful 23 minutes for Binge on 17 June

Anyway this morning's session was intended to be a fairly easy paddle in preparation for Salford tomorrow, but with no Fairy Snow Baby, Synchro Dad or Matt the Cash I found myself in the top lane with the Beckleberry brothers and I got a bit carried away with the session ......

Awesome Emma's woe from Thursday continued as she discovered she'd left her hat and goggles at GLC. (thinking they were Bart's I had given them to the FSB!) If the 100's free on 1.35 were difficult the last IM was mental not sure my poor heart was particularly impressed.

800 warm up as 200 back, 200 free, 200 brst 200 free
4 x 50 @ 60 steady count strokes*
4 x 50 @ 60s catch up
4 x 50 @ 60s stroke count reduce by 1 stroke per 25**
4 x 50 @ 60s catch up
4 x 50 @ 60s stroke count reduce by 1 stroke per 25***.
12 x 100  swam as 3 sets of 4 @ 1.50, 1.45, 1.40, 1.35
100 floppy
5 x 4 x 25 IM's @ 2.15 progressive
no 1 steady
no 2 sprint fly
no 3 sprint fly and back
no 4 sprint fly, back & breast
no 5 sprint all
200 swim down

3800m total

*   18's
** 16's
*** 14's

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