Tuesday 31 May 2011

Pain in the Neck (Confessions of a Wuss) (and a mercifully short post)

After my heroics in the Tyne yesterday; you may recall I lost my way a bit in the river, well the theme of being lost continued into the pool tonight.

It started with me being 45 minutes late for the session (legitimate boring work related excuse) but also I have been struggling with a really sore neck over the last few days which caught up with me tonight as I lost all motivation and pace I gave up and wimped out. I acknowledge that I am a complete wuss.

12 x 75's pull with paddles @ 75 secs
8 x 50's no 1 drill @ 70s
4 x 50's no 1 progressive
100 floppy
2 x 100 swim down

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