Sunday 24 August 2014

(Yet another!) Road Trip Day 1 (Friday 22nd August) Club La Santa

Missing you Mum- Not!
You may have noticed there's been a rather typical Binge Swimming hiatus for the last 12 days as a jet lagged Binge struggled to cope with reality. The daily grind only lasted a short time as annual holidays called. 

So I was off on my travels again and my achievement yesterday was covering the 150 metres or so from the Ladies’ loos in the departure lounge at Newcastle airport to gate 22 in about 15 seconds flat; especially as I had to dodge and weave through the rest of the strolling and straggling passengers making their way to Gates 20 and 21. 

I know you are curious to learn the reason behind for this rather unbinge like haste? Well there I was sitting on the loo minding my own business when a tannoy announcement filters into my consciousness, “this is the final and urgent call for Passenger Dobbie travelling on flight LS545” oops…

Had I missed this I would have really been in the doghouse with Bob and Teenage Triathlete (especially as I was bringing out more cash) who were already on holiday. I must’ve passed through a temporal anomaly somewhere in the duty free shop because I hadn’t even seen the instruction to "Go to the Gate!" 

Thankfully I did make the flight, pretty much jumping through the plane door as it slammed shut and then having to look suitably sheepish and apologetic as I made my way to my seat with 279 pairs of eyes looking at me and thinking there's the silly cow who's held us up.

Anyway a relatively crash free flight! and reunited with Club La Santa, oh and Bob and Teenage Triathlete. First swim today (Friday) didn't want to overdo it after my recent break! 

800 warm up
7 x 100 pull @ 1:50

1500 metres

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