Thursday 7 August 2014

Road Trip Day 6 August 5th - Proof you can't stuff a pint in a half pint pot!

Day 6 is the 200 free day. For me this is a bit of a non event really, it's the least worst evil of the other events I could swim which include a 400 IM (non merci) and a 50 fly (non merci absolutement). But I need to keep the momentum going so the 200 free sort of serves that purpose.

By this time I'm pretty much into a routine with all my swims being in the afternoon including a lunchtime wander into a local supermarket for sandwiches. 
Which wonderfully illustrates what's great about these meets. 

You know you're wandering around a new city and you keep bumping in to your mates. So entering the supermarket on Sunday I was immediately confronted by Dave Akers and posed for a selfie at the fish counter (as you do)... (is it a selfie if someone else takes it?)

Anyway back to my 200 and the valiant attempt to have this post bear some relation to its title.  Down to the pool for a warm up, then disaster struck. There I was struggling into my racing suit, and having just successfully negotiated the rather unyielding fabric over my more generous contours (i.e the worst bit over,) when the material gave way and my fingers tore through the suit. Bu**er and Botheration! It wasn't the fact the suit was a right off but all that the wasted effort in putting the bl**dy thing on.

Nothing else for it but back to baggy suit (well a more baggy racing suit!), (Judy Hattle do you have any more castoffs for me?) and into marshalling (suitably late) one of the more eccentric features of this meet is the timekeeper who,is accompanied by a dog. Honest not a big Labrador but a little poodley type thing. You just would never get that at home would you?

But in swim terms 700 warm up and a 2:45 something or other.

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