Sunday 24 August 2014

(Yet Another) Road Trip Day 2 - Binge in Exercise Class Shocker!

Beware Binge Aerobiccing! 
Saturday 24th August 2014 Teenage Triathlete had been gleefully planning my ultimate humiliation for the last week, and yesterday and today put her little wheeze into action!

By insisting that I attend more exercise sessions in the last two days then I've done in a lifetime. This included 2 "ab attack" sessions, I can tell you now that there is no chance my ab's are going to attack anyone because they are completely non existent!

Also I discovered during aerobics (for beginners of course) that the only place my arms and legs will work in a collaborative fashion is in a pool! and even then it's only sporadically. I've done 2 Yoga classes, the aforementioned ab attacks, 2 Stretch classes, Pilates and Aerobics! I drew the line at body toning and went for my second swim of the day.

I can tell you that I ache in places I didn't even know I still had! Sun bed beckons tomorrow but beginning to catch up on the yardage front! Also Tony Cherrington (who is currently somewhere in the English Channel as part of an over 70 years relay) you were right, the wind tunnel in the new pool makes the second 50 brutal.

AM session
800 Warm up 400 swim 300 drill 100 swim
12 x 50 @ 90  breaststroke kick
16 x 50 @ 70 DPS breathing every 6 reduced stroke count from 39 – 36
200 swim down
8 x 50 @ 60 25 hard, 25 easy
200 swim down
3000 metres
PM session
6 x 100 @ 2 mins
3 x 200 pull with paddles @ 4 mins
400 mixed kick with fins
100 swim down


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