Friday 8 August 2014

Road Trip Day 7 Wednesday 6th August - Ou eh le papier and Gobbie Dobbie's Doggy Bloggy

Now if the most photographed thing at the Parc Jean Drapeau is the Fat Rat, Ground Hog, Goafer thingy that featured here then the second most photographed thing must be Gobby.

I briefly mentioned his presence yesterday without realising his importance in the whole World Masters infrastructure.

But I will mock no longer because he is a service dog and he helps out his mistress (who has interesting taste in crocs) and who we would probably call a St John's Ambulance person... allegedly he can dial 911 on a cell phone and bring her nappy pins!

What I really want to know is does he know the lock code or can the sensor read his paw print?

In the meantime back to the nitty gritty of swimming it was 50 breaststroke day, and the splash and dash was in the temporary pool. Before wandering across there I nipped into the ladies at the main pool, and as I was walking into the stall the lady vacating it came out shaking her head and muttering about "none papiere"

Oh oh, fortunately World Masters Survival skills came into play here, as in rule1 always keep an emergency supply of bog roll tucked into your kit bag, you never know when you'll need it.

Anyway a 700 warm up gave me a pretty ropey 41.11 for 7th place, it might've been a lot better if I'd decided to go when the gun went rather than let everyone else go first and then (ever so politely) follow them in.

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