Thursday 7 August 2014

Road Trip Day 5 The Swimming Pool at the end of the Universe

Day 2 featured the 100 metres breaststroke at the Temporary Pool. This is situated on the next island and involved a warm up at the main complex and then a wander across the St Lawrence river to the F1 Race track where the temporary pool stood. It's probably a little over a kilometre between the two venues.

Now don't get me wrong the pool is great but the facilities are a little primitive to say the least and consist of a couple of portacabins as makeshift changing rooms and initially 5 portaloos. Now I'm not sure about you but (at the risk of giving too much information) I don't find it particularly inspiring to have to use facilities which effectively contain the biggest pile of poo you've ever seen. (I mentioned yesterday about the flight fright or sh**e syndrome).

The trick to these events is to try and locate the best facilities, i.e the cleanest, quietest loos with an infinite amount of loo roll. A stop at a bike, kayak and segway hire store on Saturday and I lucked out as I discovered a set of air conditioned pristine loos with running water!

So I was feeling quite smug as I changed and waited for my race, marshalling was the usual pain in the derriere although my accidental entry time (2:23) for the 200 breast was rumbled in conversation with a couple of swimmers. The actual swim was exquisitely painful and all I could think about was how much the 200 is going to hurt on Friday!

1:33.55 but yet again faster than Swansea and a 7th place

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