Sunday 3 April 2011

Spreadsheet outsmarting Binge Swimmer

Teenage daughter's netball match and a totally batty aunt's 80th birthday party were this week's obstacles (okay then really feeble excuses ) to adding some serious yardage to my total. If I'm trying to find a silver lining then at least I didn't stop completely like last year.

So March was even worse than January and as you can see from the "Slog" above only one reasonable week. I mentioned last week that I need a proper challenge for April and after giving the matter some considerable thought I 've arrived at 45,000 metres which may be harder than I think because with Easter and that wedding and a weekend away and 4 days in Manchester I can foresee a struggle to cover that distance.

My second session this week was a rather hurried Endless Pool dip less than 30 minutes....hardly counts as a swim at all and extremely unremarkable.....

3 x 200 @ 3.45 progressive
2 x 100 @ 2 mins
2 x 100 @ 2.15
4 x 50 @ 60s free
2 x 50 @ 60s breast
25 (Just for KB)
1325 metres

Was this the world's most boring post?


  1. Yes. You are losing your touch here... Have faith, you are doing this for all the mums back at CoNASC.

  2. Hi Ann Onymouse

    Ok will try harder! next week!