Thursday 28 April 2011

Passing Wind and Dingy Dungeons

Those of you with a sensitive disposition who are adverse to the more crude aspects of human bodily functions please stop reading this now. (hopefully that got rid of my mum who would be appalled at this rambling). Otherwise for the rest of you; you know that really embarrassing moment when you walk into a lift and inadvertently fart and just at that moment someone darts in behind you and you're left with that excrutiatingly embarrassing situation where the smell is permeating the entire lift space and there's no one else to blame it on.

Well, the hotel/apartment I'm staying in have that covered because there is a permanently foul stench in the lift, and a lovely apology from United Utilities and Bridgestreet Worldwide who acknowledge that "from time to time" there may be an extremely unpleasant aroma in the lift as a result of long standing problems in the sewers under the building. But guests could rest assured that they are doing everything in their power to rectify the situation.

I was pondering this on my trip in the lift as I went off to the pool this morning and I was particularly impressed about how thoughtful it was for them to provide a space where you could pass wind in an enclosed space without compunction and blame it on the smelly sewers. With that thought I headed off to the aquatic centre, for my morning dip where fortunately I had the technology to gain entry to the pool without the need to return to replensih the stock this morning.

My arrival at the pool coincided with a bus load of British Disability swimmers on a pre World Championship's holding camp, being disgorged from their coach as a result of which we (Joe Public) were relegated to the 50m training tank which I eventually located in the bowels of the building. There's definitely a lavatorial theme going on in this blog and whilst the surroundings were a little dingy, claustrophobic and dungeonlike the water temperature was perfect and I was sharing my lane with only 2 other swimmers.

700 warm up * alt 50 free 50 pull
3 x 200 @ 3.45 pull progressive
300 swim down up free down alt breast/back
1600 metres

* I thought that this might have been 800 but I swam it in 12 mins and 20 secs so I reckon I miscounted somewhere
** 3.25, 3.20, 3.18

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