Saturday 16 April 2011

Saturday Session Debunks Conspiracy Theory of an Alien Plot to halt Binge's Quest

My recent abortive attempts to gain access to a public swimming pool were rapidly leading me to believe that there were darker forces at work to thwart me in my quest to complete half a million metres in 2011.

My delusional thoughts of Alien intervention or CIA or worse still Amanda Heath inspired plots disappated as I arrived at the new old pool this morning in glorious sunshine. I was reassured that I was on the right track as I met up with I'm Chris fly me the jetpoodotcom pilot and Matt the Cash in the car park and both of whom then proceeded to inflict some serious mickey taking on me "You're here at the right place and time!" 

It was our first session there having swapped from Heworth Pool and the bonus is we have 3 lanes instead of 2 and it cuts off about 15 minutes from my journey so I didn't have to get up until 7.35am. Things are looking up. I was seriously impressed the refurb job is terrific, the old Dunston Pool looks brand new. New entrance area, new changing village, open plan walkways around the small pool, completely retiled, new gyms and shortened from 27.5 yards to 25 metres.

Probably my first decent session for about 4 weeks, bit of an inauspicious start as we stood around with the kid's coach debating which direction and which way around we were all going to swim. Having ultimately settled on the direction we then decided we'd start from the deep end so we could see the clock. The guys promptly dived in and swam the wrong way round (couldn't work out they were at the other end!)

16 x 50 alt free ba, free br @ 60s & 65s
400 free @ 6.45
4 x 100 IM @ 2.00
2 x 200 free @ 3.40
2 x 200 IM @ 3.50
4 x 100 free @ 1.45
400 IM @ 7.50
8 x 50 free @ 55 secs
50 swim down
12 x 25 IM order, kick, drill swim @ 40s, 35s & 30s
50 swim down
4000 metres

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