Saturday 30 April 2011

Happenstance & Spookiness

It might be apparent to you by now that I live my life in a permanent state of chaos. This is augmented at times with the worry that I'm exhibiting the early symptoms of senile dementia. Take Thursday morning for example, I'm still in Manchester day 3 of 8 on how to be a mediator were I'm caught in-between feelings of complete inadequacy and rapidly losing the will to live.

I wandered up for a reasonably early swim and called in at Cafe Nero on the way back for breakfast (coffee and croissants) clutching my almond croissant in hand I was a good 25 metre down the road when it dawned on me that I had left my latte on the counter. So retracing my steps I retrieved my drink and as I stepped onto Oxford Street for the second time walked straight into Proudy (swimming mate) from back home how spooky is that?

I covered 2100m this morning.

800 warm up  *
10 x 100 catch up @ 1.50**
300 swim down alt 50 free,50 brst

* 13 mins 20 secs
**these were all over the place because the lane was pretty busy and I was constantly having to speed up to overtake or slow down.

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