Wednesday 13 April 2011

Binge Swimmer maintains raison d'etre

Have you missed me? I am acutely aware that my mission to swim twice a week crashed and burned last week. No sooner had I blogged the immortal words, I need a proper challenge for April and thought that 45,000 metres was doable, my swimming came to a big fat stop.

 As usual I was full of good intentions, but ultimately I was defeated by an inflatable session in the Pingles Pool, Nuneaton. I was seriously out of my comfort zone for a Friday, which as regular readers will know is a regular personal slugfest consisting of  Beer Pizza TV & Sofa, because I had to attend a meeting at ASA HQ.

The evening rapidly deteriorated because it was "Loughborough Singles" night in the hotel (god that was desperate!). Following on from this exciting start to the weekend, I travelled to Nuneaton for a silver wedding, (sadly we are both that vintage when a lot of our university contemporaries are notching up this particular achievement.)

Killing time in Nuneaton before the celebrations kicked off, I thought that I might manage a dip and made my way to the local pool. I arrived there at 1.48pm on Saturday for a quick swim, to be advised by the girl on the desk that I couldn't go in until 2pm and even then I wouldn't be able to swim. (I was beginning to display signs of paranoia, how could she tell by just looking at me?  do I look like a non-swimmer? wasn't my World Swimming Championship's T shirt and Speedo knapsack complete with mouse hole a dead give away?.....)

Of course she had noticed that I didn't have a horde of kids with me, and rightly discerned that I might be looking for a bit of a serious swim.  The next time I could swim would be 9am on Sunday morning, knowing that I was destined for some serious celebrating that evening I immediately rejected that option. With hindsight this might've been the most sensible decision I made all weekend, it was certainly wiser than, yes please I'll have another glass of red or yes I'd love another pudding!

So consequently the only swim I managed was an Endless Pool session, I had intended to swim 1000, 800, 600, 400 and a 200, but was interrupted by Husband advising me that teenage daughter was available to be picked up. Now quite why it was more convenient for me to stop swimming, get out the pool change and go and pick her up, rather than Bob, tear himself away from the television programme he was watching is something that will continue to elude me....

1000 Warm up
800 free
500 free
Total 2300m


  1. Ha ha - the comment "do I look like a non-swimmer?" made me giggle. I think I'd make the same paranoid lateral connection.

    Just a thought. If you offered beer and pizza at the masters committee meetings you'd have far more volunteers - although some may be tempted by the Loughborough singles scene.

  2. Hi Binge,

    And there was I enjoying two public lane sessions in Sunderland at the weekend while you were away.