Sunday 19 January 2014

Binge Shopping (and a short December Dip)

There may not be much Binge swimming going on at the moment but give the season I can console myself with some Binge shopping; 

Which at this time of year (December) occasionally throws up the odd interesting challenge, like the email I received from the husband suggesting that I might like to buy him some cycling training DVD’s for Christmas. That seemed easy enough particularly as he’d helpfully provided me with a link to the site.

You can imagine the repercussions and alerts from my firm’s firewall when I clicked on the link to be taken to a site called “Sufferfest” and  I can tell you the situation didn’t improve when I selected the requested downloads with such thought provoking names as “Sufferama” “Hell hath no fury” and the particularly  evocative “Rubber Glove”. I just hope they arrive in plain brown wrappers.

Anyway lunchtime Tesco set (every little helps) ends the drought.

400 up free down alternating back & breast
400 up free down catch up
4 x 100 @ 2 mins pull
200 swim down

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