Sunday 27 October 2013

ASA Nationals 2013 Day 3 (thank god for the ending of British Summer Time)

One of the great things about the Sunday session of the nationals is the ending of British Summer Time and the extra hour in bed which was much appreciated this morning.

The 100 free was given a body swerve in this morning's session, thought I would save myself for the 400 free; shouldn't've bothered.

Clearly I wasn't focused on this meet as I went to change into my racing gear and discovered I'd packed it away in the car. Fortunately I found an old training suit in the bottom of my bag and hastily bought and assembled a pair of Speedo Swedish goggles and I was set.....

For a fairly spectacular personal worst only about 20 seconds slower than Eindhoven which was long course!

But despite my pool performances I had a brilliant weekend with great company 1199 others actually.

I often think that the mark of a great meet is by how long it takes you to walk around the pool, as you keep having to stop to catch up or chat to friends. In terms of navigating about the poolside, this weekend was simply epic.

"Too Tall" Twyman wrote about the attraction of the event and being a masters swimmer extremely eloquently in the Guardian's Swimming Blog on Friday see "holding back the tide"

I love the phrase "the orderly management of decline" which pretty well encapsulates what we're trying to achieve, although at times there's not very much order or management in evidence.

Days yardage!
400 free

(Thanks to Terry Wright (Spidey) and Robert Egan for the photos)


  1. ... not forgetting Tony Cherrington's confusion of the day when he thought there were 18 lengths to a 400 ...