Sunday 27 October 2013

ASA Nationals Day 2

Well I missed some fantastic action from Friday's sessions, with some incredible swimming including a couple of world records for Loughborough's Olympic swimmer, Amy Smith who made her Masters debut in the 25 years 50 free and rattled out a 24.73 to add to her senior age group record from 2007.

In the 40 years age group Kiwi, Kirsten Cameron of East Leeds demolished the 1500m world record recording a 17:04.61 and collecting the 800 world record with her split time a mere 30 second improvement.

So from the sublime to the ridiculous, my first event was the 50 breast, and I have to confess I was feeling pretty ropey after my late and alcohol fuelled evening. Also since Eindhoven I reckon I've put on about 10lbs in weight and struggling into the racing suit was a painful and patience sapping experience.

Now that Fiendish FINA organisation have changed the breaststroke rules and over a 50 metres there are now two further opportunities to be dq'd!

I was therefore being ultra cautious at the start mindful of this so I politely let everyone else dive in before I followed them and then completely buggered up my stroke count approaching the turn and was all over the shop at the finish. Aargh...

I made the fatal mistake after the swim of going to the loo and removing the racing suit, only to be completely defeated trying to put it back on, so I swam the 200 free in an illegal suit. Managed to avoid the eagle eyes of the officials though.

Note to self must do more (or even some) training!

50 brst ...
200 free
50 fly
300 metres

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