Sunday 26 January 2014

Beckleberry Dad 1 Beckleberry Son 0 (It's all about timing)

I know last Saturday's post left you on the cliff hanger as to whether or not Beckleberry dad safety made it to the airport, on time or at all, and whether or not the dispute with Beckleberry Son was really about a flight departure. see here

Well I'm pleased to report that Beckleberry dad caught his flight without any hassle. His destination... Rimini probably a bit better weather than the North East.

He was back for Saturday's session and in great form, as the usual lane 2 inhabitants had to contend with Custardy Sgt Mark deciding that he would drop down a lane and lead us.

Definitely a bit different session to what we usually do and would set for ourselves and the quality stuff number 1 was not very pleasant particularly by the third time around. The session was notable for the return of son of toosmartwatch. See paragraph 2 and 2.1 in the glossary page for an explanation.

Whilst I managed to successfully change the batteries on the watch and the chest strap, I haven't managed to locate the little widget thingy which plugs into my laptop to download the data from the session. So no fancy heart rate graphs at the moment but watch this space!

800 warm up as
150 fr swim 50 kick
150 br swim 50 kick
150 back swim 50 kick
50 fr, 50 br 50 ba, 50 kick

50 fly 150 back @ 30 sRI
50 ba 150 brst @ 30s RI
50 brst 150 free @ 30 s RI
200 free

3 x 500 no 1 (ish)
150 brst as 100 hard 50 stretch @ 3:30
100 brst 25 kick hard 25 DPS @ 2:30
50 brst max  @ 90s
200 steady @ 4:30

2 x 200 broken @ 4:00
No1 10 secs @ 100
no 2 10secs @ 100, 10 secs @ 50

300 pull swim down

3800 metres total

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