Sunday 23 October 2011

Binge and the Taper

It's been a good few years (about 15 actually) since I've considered doing a Taper for a big event, that's because it's a good few years since I've done any training to taper from.

My normal National's build up is to swim sporadically in September have three weeks off and then die horribly in all of my events.

This year however, although I wouldn't quite go so far as to say that I've had a decent chunk of training leading up to the event, I have swum most weeks this year and today in the midst of a typical Consett Sunday afternoon session all of my 100's were 1.25 or under with a couple of 1.22's thrown in. Now I know that's pretty mediocre but it does represent a bit of a leap forward.

So it'll be interesting to see how I go, I'll try and keep the blogs going through the event. Now ideally I would like to get one more session in before Friday but that's looking unlikely and I'm not too worried about it if I don't.

266 warm up 
4 x 100 @ 2 min 
100 easy @ 2 mins 
4 x 66 @ 1.30 
100 easy 
4 x 33 @ 45s 
3 x 100 @ 1.50 
100 easy 
3 x 66 @ 1.20 
100 easy 
3 x 33 @ 40s
2 x 100 @ 1.40 
100 easy 
2 x 66 @ 1.10 
100 easy 
2 x 33 @ 35s 
166 swim down 
2833 metres total

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