Saturday 20 August 2011

Nottoosmartswimmer forgets toosmartwatch

My sentiments exactly Homer!
Not a great start to this mornings session when I realised half way there I'd left toosmartwatch reposing on the bathroom shelf. Bob wasn't interested in my request to turn back and of course pointed out that if I'd managed to stagger out of bed before 7:30pm I would be organised and ready.

We were joined by HardSwimmerSoftDad who had been boasting on Facebook all week that he was back in the water. He joined the Fairy Snow Baby who has been missing in action for a couple of weeks.

Felling Pool RIP
He also kindly provided me with this desolate  image of the demolition of the old Felling Pool.

On with the action there was a 75% showing from the Beckleberries this morning and I was able to draft off one of the Beckleberry Boys which made part of the set slightly easier.

Anyway the action

8 x 100 @ 1.50  as 25 swim, 25 drill
5 x 400 @ 6.45s *swum as
   1 pull with paddles
   2 pull
   3 swim
   4 DPS trying to reduce stroke count from repeat number 3
   5 Breathing drill adding one complete arm cycle to your normal breathing cycle
4 x 100 @ reducing time, 1.40, 1.45, 1.50
8 x 25's @ 75 any stroke but freestyle
4 x 25's IM @ 35s
300 swim down
4000m total

* the repeat times went a bit skew whiff here, not helped by the absence of toosmartwatch and failing eyesight cos I can't read the clock properly

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