Tuesday 2 August 2011

Gateshead Masters are infiltrated by a border reiver* as Binge steals through 300,000 metres.

She didn't look this cool at the
end of the session.

I emerged from the warm up to discover that we had been infiltrated by former club mate turned Scottish Renegade Gayle Shotton who emigrated north of the border some 9 years ago.

It was great to see her, even if we killed her off after 90 minutes and she accused me of misrepresenting the fact that it was the Fairy Snow Baby who sets the hard stuff in our sessions. Well OK I'll fess up now,  it was FSB and me who stopped to catch up about the site meeting for the ASA Masters Championships he'd attended on Saturday.

And for all you Grammar Nazi's out there "reiver" really is spelt with an e before the i. See below*

I actually thought she'd come to see first hand Bob's Ugly Ass shoes, because she was so taken with them after I blogged about them last month see here. Spookily we had both subsequently had an ad for them pop up on our Facebook pages. They look nearly respectable in purple (which is of course Donny Osmond's favourite colour).

Fairly decent session this evening, we had the whole pool to ourselves as the kids were on their summer break, the chat at the end cost me probably best part of 1200 metres, however having been stuck in the 200,000's for what seemed like an eternity I finally broke through the 300,000 metre barrier.

1000 warm up, as 400 free, 200 back, 200 brst, 200 free
12 x 100 @ 1.50 75 stretch 5s then 25 hard
12 x 75's as 1-4 free @ 80,
                   5-6, ba @ 90s,
                   7-8 brst @ 90s,
                   9-12 free @ 80s
5 x 4 x 50's IM order on 65s extra 40 s after each set of 4
300 swim down
4,400 metres

*"Reive" is an early English word for "to rob", from the Northumbrian and Scots Inglis verb reifen from the Old English rÄ“afian, and thus related to the archaic Standard English verb reave ("to plunder", "to rob"), and to the modern English word "ruffian". (here endeth the leffon)

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