Monday 15 August 2011

Oblivion as half a million metres begins to Fade

So Teenage Daughter henceforth referred to (at her request) as teenage triathlete, had her 14th birthday and a family trip out to Alton Towers (it seemed a more acceptable alternative to a party) put paid to my attempts at swimming and saw my projected yardage for the year slip below the half a million mark for the first time since February.

I really need to get a grip and get back on course, a bit difficult to do lunchtime sessions during the school holidays but maybe I'll try for a "September swimathon".

Anyway 11 days between swims didn't mean that I remained dry as you can see from the video below. (A bit of  health warning here turn your sound down as the screams are rather loud.)

Saturday's session was unsurprisingly made up on the spot, I didn't initially intend to swim a 900 warm up but I started off as usual in splendid isolation and had covered 200 metres before Matt the Cash arrived I suggested he swam a 600m warm up and by the time he adjusted his goggles and generally fannied about on the pool side I'd clocked up another 100m. So 900 became the theme of the day.

Daddy Beckleberry turned up and new guy (who isn't that new anymore but I can't remember his name), both of whom are really beginning to swim well no dossing at the back for either of them anymore.

900 warm up change stroke each 25
3 x 300 pull with paddles @ 5.15
4 x 225 @ 4.45 as 25, free, 25 brst drill, 50 free, 25 brst kick, 50 free, 25 brst, 25 free
9 x 100 odd numbers free @ 1.50, even IM  @ 2.00
12 x 75's odd free @ 85s, even fly, back, brst @ 95 s
100 swim
4,600 total

And yes I was Bloody Soaking!


  1. James (the not so new anymore guy)

  2. Thanks James, I am slightly senile and have the early stages of mad cow disease, so you might stay as the new guy for a bit longer!

  3. "the new guy" is good. It means I get away with at least a few more poor shows!