Wednesday 31 August 2011

Coniston the return....

An 11.5k walk yesterday with an 1800 ft climb in the first mile clearly demonstrated to me that I am nowhere near fit, as I toiled up the side of Wansfell, trailing pathetically behind husband and teenage triathlete. I used to manage this sort of thing with ease.

The walk did however set us up nicely for dinner at the Drunken Duck which was fabulous and nearly worth the pain.

As today was a rest day (from walking) and because I had such an enjoyable swim in Coniston on Monday, we returned there this afternoon for a second dip. Bob joined me for some company and we swam from the beach near the car park down to the  boathouse probably about half a mile and back. (I know it's pretty feeble compared with everyone elses's outdoor exploits but I am on holiday and I know that I am deep down essentially a pool swimmer)

Now whilst I felt braver swimming with some company, it meant we only had one pair of goggles between us, (see deatheater goggles RIP) and I am therefore currently suffering with slightly red and sore eyes. The advantage of this was that I couldn't see the grotty weed as clearly; although we did manage to swim through a subsurface slick of the stuff which my vivid imagination imbibed with the traits of Devil's snare. (thanks JK Rowling)

The ducks and swans were kept at bay by a couple of canoes also using the beach. The water surface was completely calm and flat, blissful.

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