Saturday 27 August 2011

Death Eater Goggles RIP

I think I was 16 the last time I spent my summer holiday in the UK, (North Cornwall, Port Isaac & Polzeath in the mid 70’s as I recall.) Thanks to the credit crunch, we’re in the Lakes actually having a great time.

A “cottage” in Ambleside might be a bit of an exaggerated and idealised description of our accommodation but it’s more than adequate.

Now having purchased a pair of hiking boots for teenage triathlete this morning, inevitably we all went for a swim this afternoon. We wandered down to Jenkins Field and I swam the Great North Swim Course backside foremost.  I worked my way leisurely down to the marina at Low Wood touching the pier before turning back, stopping periodically to take in the views, wave at the tourists on the ferries, and check out the position of nearby craft which ranged from 2 man canoes to bloody huge ferries.

Jenkins Field
It was a gorgeous afternoon and the water was fantastic, it made a pleasant change to take it easy over this route, (my pulse rate maxed out at a pedestrian 117 bpm). A blissful 43 minutes, marred solely by the fact that the only pair of goggles I had with me were my Godfrey's (these very ones) which as I've blogged before are hopeless in open water. I realised that I could swim pretty comfortably without the goggles but they managed to slip off my head and as I came ashore I discovered that I'd lost them.

Hobbling out across the pebbly beach also brought back some painful memories of the very first Great North Swim where we had to exit the water and run around the half way buoy.

Probably swam around 1600-1800 metres and of course I'm a complete wuss so I wore my wettie. Might try a different lake tomorrow.

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